Humectants are substances which prevent foods from drying out by counteracting the effect of an atmosphere having a low degree of humidity, or promote the dissolution of a powder in an aqueous medium.

Code Material CEFF approved
E 325 Sodium lactate Yes Yes
E 339 Sodium phosphates Yes Yes
E 340 Potassium phosphates Yes Yes
E 341 Calcium phosphates Yes Yes
E 350 Sodium malates Yes Yes
E 414 Acacia gum; gum arabic Yes Yes
E 420 Sorbitol, Sorbitol syrup No No
E 422 Glycerol Yes Yes
E 450 Diphosphates Yes Yes
E 452 Polyphosphates Yes Yes
E 967 Xylitol Yes Yes
E 968 Erythritol Yes Yes
E 1200 Polydextrose Yes Yes
E 1518 Glyceryl triacetate; triacetin Yes Yes
E 1520 Propan-1,2-diol; propylene glycol Yes Yes