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Welcome at CEFF project - Food, dietary supplements and animal food with Zero Chemical Additives

We live in the age of globalization, the market is full of local products as well as form abroad. When we compare them, they look similar, they have often almost the same name. We have to decide, which one to buy. Fortunately the number of people interested in product composition is increasing, but still there is a lot of people deciding according to the price… People preferring quality realize that some of the composition can have the impact on their health.

The composition of food or dietary supplements is for us often confusing - additives can be communicated in various ways – as a numerical code or wording – which can be also done in 2-3 ways.  We do not have chance to remember them all.

The CEFF – Zero Chemical Additives logo assures you that the product does not contain preservatives, artificial coloring, sweeteners and glutamate. Logo can be found on the front side of product package.

CEFF – the independent project focused on chemical additives gives you the following:



That the product with CEFF logo does not contain preservatives, artificial coloring, sweeteners or glutamate.

Information and assurance

That you buy product of good quality with unwanted chemicals which the other cheaper products might contain.

Easy identification

Betweem high number of products – you do not have to study composition in details.

Clear and strict rules to get the logo

The rules say that any of products containing perservatives, artificial coloring, sweeteners or glutamate even in small amount, cannot get the logo on the package. Rules are based on EU norms.