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    Certified E-friendly Food

    food without preservants, artificial colors, sweeteners and glutamate

Certified E-Friendly Food - CEFF

We live in a time when there are dozens of food products that look very similar. Many have almost the same name and we must quickly decide very which product to buy. Our decision criteria is not only the price but also the food content and the impact of its consumption on our health. For buyers, the composition of the food is often unclear and confusing, as in respect of additives some food producers indicate E-codes and others use full name of the additive. It is publicly known that some additives may by an excessive consumption cause a negative impact on health. Others however are harmless, and some even have beneficial effects. In order to help consumers to overcome any confusion in this area, logo CEFF was originated.

Initiative CEFF is independent and focuses on the mostly discussed additives, it provides:

  • Guarantee that the certified food does not contain preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners and glutamates.
  • Assurance, that you buy food with lower portion of added chemicals than the similar competitive products.
  • Confidence that you positively influence your health as you reduce the consumption of disputable chemicals in your diet. The body does not need these additives, they do not have a nutritional value and the body is unable to handle them.
  • Easy navigation in a wide range of similar products without detail reading of the labels.
  • Clear and non-manipulated rules for the certification. CEFF is an independent international body.